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Board of Directors
Mohammed Abdullah Al-Hubail – Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Office
Mr. Mohammed Al-Hubail joined Kamco Invest Company in 2009 and was promoted to Chief Resources Officer in 2013. He was the Chief Operations Officer for the period from 2013 to 2019 at KamcoInvest. Following the merger of Global Investment House and Kamco Invest in 2019, he became the Managing Director of Corporate Affairs & Admin.
He has 30 years of extensive practical experience in the fields of Human Resources, Administration, Accounting and Settlements. He worked as a Managing Director at Enhanced Engineering & Multi-Technologies Co. , Kuwait Investment Project Co., and with the Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company.
Mr. Al-Hubail is also the Chairman and CEO of Manafae Holding Company and United Towers Company and Vice Chairman and CEO of North Africa Holding Company. In addition, he is a member of board of directors of several companies in Kuwait.
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