NorthAfricaHolding to fully exit from EUP
Kuwait,14th Septembner 2015

North Africa Holding sets up Algeria's first cancer medicine plant
Kuwait, 18-09-2012

Assoufid: the new must of Marrakech
Golf Business News, 16th November, 2011

New world-class golf course, The Marrakech Golf Club set to open
Golf Business News, 16th November, 2011

North Africa Holding Company Signs Moroccon Housing Deal
North Africa Holding Company (NorAH), announced today it has acquired a minority stake with board representation in Dar Saada Company (DSC), 3rd April,2011

North Africa Holding Invests in the Healthcare Sector
Company acquires majority holding in Egyptian International Medical Center & EIMC United Pharmaceuticals, 27th Dec 2010

North Africa Holding Invests in Leading Egyptian Glass Manufacturer
NorAH acquires 50% stake of Kandil Glass, 03rd Oct 2010

North Africa Holding Reinforces Assoufid, 11th May 2009

NorAH seeks more investments in Algeria - Bishara, 3rd Feb 2009

Kuwait's NorAH selects Tunisia as headquarters, 30th Jan 2009

Kuwaiti Group buys back electro-mechanical plant
ANSAmed, 08th June 2007

Major Kuwaiti investment group makes tangible investment strides in Tunisia
KUNA, 07th June 2007

KIPCO's North Africa Holdings to develop regional investments
KUNA, 15th November 2006

Tunis commends Kuwaiti firms' economic achievements in Tunisia
KUNA, 14th November 2006

Kuwaiti businessman meets Tunisian PM, discuss investment cooperation
KUNA, 14th November 2006

Kuwait's Kipco team wraps up visit, leaves for Algiers
KUNA, 14th November 2006

KAMCO launches KD 50m North African Holdings Company
Zawya, 16th October 2006

KAMCO launches KD 50m North African Holdings Company, Board members and CEO appointed
Zawya, AME Info, 15th October 2006

NAHC has KD 50m paid-up capital; KAMCO launches private placement
Arab Times, 14th December 2005

KAMCO launches KD 50million private placement of shares in new North Africa Holding
Company KSC (Closed) (under incorporation)

AME Info, Zawya, 13th December 2005

KAMCO to List 50 Million Shares of North African Holding in a Private Placement
Kuwait, 10th December 2005

KIPCO to Create New Firm in Tunisia at a Capital of $100 Million
Kuwait, 18th October 2005

North Africa Holding Co. (NorAH), a Kuwait based Investment Company, was established in September 2006 with the aim of capitalizing on the significant investment opportunities arising within North African economies.