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Investment Process
Our investment process is a dynamic blend of rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis and insight. It is continuously reviewed and refined with the goal of facilitating identification and selection of superior investment opportunities within the North Africa region. Investment opportunities are monitored closely by senior management and the executive management committee at each stage of review.

Our typical process adopted for any portfolio investment is outlined below:
Deal Identification:
Identify potential businesses and industries of interest by drawing on proprietary networks, investment banks, corporate finance advisors, etc.
Ascertain the eligibility and investment fit of the identified opportunity in the context of NorAH's investment criteria.
Research the industry, relevant segments and analyze the business model of the potential investment.
Ascertain the potential of scaling up business operations on a pan-regional basis.
Develop the business valuation and conduct negotiations to determine the project's feasibility.
Conduct due diligence into all aspects of the investment opportunity comprising financial, legal, tax and commercial matters.
Investment Approval:
Subsequent to the evaluation, prepare the investment thesis to seek approval from the executive committee.
Value Creation:
Work closely with the management of portfolio companies to develop and implement a growth strategy to expand locally and regionally.
Successfully exit the investment through any one of the recognized techniques, e.g., strategic MBO (management buy-out), or IPO (initial public offering).